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SISB Secondary Students Explore Leadership Opportunities

At SISB Chiang Mai, Secondary students were recently tasked with exploring the concept of "play" during a recent PE lesson.

With no clear instructions, students initially wandered in different directions. The salient-green grass became slightly disturbed by the wonder of their middle-school footsteps.

"I have an idea!" shrieked out Non with eager excitement.

Soon, the group was in a huddle discussing how to "play." Voices high and low were suggesting, explaining, and teaching one another how to make the best of their time.

One of the teaching strategies employed at SISB is where students practice real-world skills by creating their learning. This is in alignment with the IB learner profile, which teachers infuse in their classes.

Games involved a lot of running, collaboration, and community building - all led and decided by the students.

At the end of the session, students reflected on the value of leadership, and how they had acted as leaders during the session. Finally, they suggested how they can implement this notion of 'exploration" in other parts of their school lives.

Our G7-8 learners consistently try to embody the IB learner characteristics. This lesson was rife with thinkers, inquirers, communicators, and knowledgeable students.

"I enjoy the freedom of leading a class and making my own decisions," quipped Kao.

Students huddled as the sun dipped on another collaborative day at SISB Chiang Mai.

-T. Greg

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SISB Secondary Students Embrace International Day

"It was neat," giggled Tak as he completed a traditional Japanese morning workout routine in PE class.

This year, the newly formed SISB Sixth Form, consisting of G7 - G8, selected Japan as their representative country for our school's annual International Day festivities.

Incorporating the culture of Japan has been a major focus for all teachers. For example, In Math, students learned the Japanese style of multiplication. In English, they wrote a traditional Japanese Haiku poem, while in Geography, they used Google Earth to search for famous attractions using GPS coordinates, in addition to the morning exercise in PE class.


Infusing cultural awareness and global mindedness are some of the core skills that SISB aims to instill in its learners to prepare them for a 21-century work environment.

Tired teachers and students wandered out of the school late on Friday as the day drew to an end. Although our bodies yearned for rest, we were all left with a strong sense of pride having broadened our knowledge and horizons of who we are as people.

"We are one," quipped Andy as he dipped into his mom's car for a relaxing weekend.

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