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Primary Classroom

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Defining who we are and how we work

Looking for the best International School in Chiang Mai?

One question that often comes up in conversation between parents in Chiang Mai is, ‘Which is the best international school in the city?’

This question inevitably leads to debate and there is no one answer which everyone agrees upon. Answers to the question are subjective, and they are influenced by how parents perceive education, what they wish for their children to learn, to achieve and the values they wish their children to embrace.

Singapore International School Chiangmai is a world-class school offering Singapore’s internationally acclaimed curricula, globally recognised Cambridge qualifications and a inspiring learning environment in which students are able to realise their individual potentials.

Since being established in 2001, SISB has been responsible for the education of over 10,000 students across five different campuses. SISB students are a culturally diverse group, representing over 30 different nationalities, and high school graduates from SISB have gone on to study at top universities throughout the world. The values which we support our students to adopt not only help them achieve impressive academic achievements but also equip them with the skills to be global citizens ready to succeed and overcome the challenges of 21st Century life.

The SISB Chiang Mai campus, which opened in 2017, has Nursery, Kindergarten, Primary and Secondary departments. The teachers at this campus are highly qualified, experienced, and homeroom teachers IB (International Baccalaureate) trained. The facilities at the school are second to none, with classrooms designed to be Communication Friendly Spaces (CFS).

Most importantly the students at Singapore International School are eager to attend school each morning, and return home each afternoon talking of what they learnt, what they discovered and all the fun they had.

So if you are wondering, ‘Which is the best international school in Chiang Mai?’, we suggest you contact Singapore International School Chiangmai and arrange a visit to our campus.

Tel: +66 5321 7087

Email: info.chiangmai@sisb.ac.th