Massimo Fusello

CEO of the company, he worked as a general practitioner for 20 years before being called to direct a socio-sanitary district and then the territorial socio-sanitary sector of two local socio-sanitary companies. He then gained further experience as health director of a clinic.

Specialist in training management, he dealt with quality training and health management. Cluster leader in European telemedicine projects, he worked in particular on the management of ACG system (Adjusted Clinical Group) in companies where he was producing, with Marco Pontarollo, Business Intelligence systems applied to ACG.

Marco Pontarollo

Consultant and teacher in computer science.

Specialized in the design and development of Business Intelligence systems, he has collaborated with major Italian consulting companies to implement projects

on health, financial and industrial issues.

Alessandro Carraro

Consultant with twenty years of experience in the design and management of publicly funded projects, European Social Fund and Structural Funds of the European Community.

He has followed as a consultant the selection of private companies of a productive nature also in an international environment, for the purposes of commercial acquisitions.

Secretary of a medical scientific association operating in the Veneto region in the field of training and continuous professional development.

Expert in training accreditation.