Company founded in 2018, by the collaboration of professionals specialized in complementary fields and aimed at the development of data analysis systems, particularly in the health environment.

Working with the client as well as working with the team.

Effepici is characterized as a company able to "support" the client in consulting, training and decision support activities.

Processing the information in a group is fundamental to outline the concept of participation and also generate situations of "independence" of customers made able to not be forced to constantly resort to advice and thus generate an efficient system.

Preparation of the data.

"...we drown in the data but we are thirsty for knowledge..."

Effepici has the skills to transform your company's data into information that can be shared and useful for decisions.

The flexibility of data representation is one of our strengths.

The dashboards, studied with the customer, allow therefore reflections to read the sometimes unexpected reality.


Business decisions are always the responsibility of company managers.

Supporting managers by answering questions to resolve decision-making doubts or support decisions based on the production of the information specifically requested, is one of Effepici's key competencies.

Not taking the place of company management is, for us, a constant guideline.

Incorrect or hasty decisions can be very problematic.

We provide decision schemes to help minimize risk.


We will arrange with you an appointment that meets your needs for availability and timeliness of intervention.

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